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How does BuzzBox work?

BuzzBox is a software platform hosted in the Cloud. Think of it as an intelligent switch - following the rules you set up on what to do when calls are made and received. Its provides the glue between your phones (be they desk phones or our App on your smartphone) and the traditional network operators like Telkom, Vodacom, MTN and CellC. It uses the internet as the pipe for connecting your phones to our servers so your phones can be anywhere in the world. You can move between offices, travel the globe – your extension will keep working so long as you have internet access. Our servers are located in South Africa’s best data centres as well as multpile international PoPs so you get great quality and reliability.

Is there a way I can use BuzzBox from my PC/Laptop?

Yes! We are fully compatible with a free application you can install on Windows/Mac/Linux called Linphone that allows you to make and receive calls on your computer. Here are the instructions to set this up:

  1. Download and install LinPhone from
  2. Start Linphone
  3. On the home screen, click “ASSISTANT”
  5. In the URL field, paste followed by your provisioning code you would have received in the Welcome to BuzzBox email. E.g.
  6. Click FETCH and restart Linphone.

How safe are my call recordings?

Buzzbox recordings are POPI compliant. Multiple copies of your recordings are stored in the cloud and distributed across multiple disks for resilience. The underlying storage provider guarantees us that 99.999999999% of files stored will not be lost in any given year. Recordings are encrypted using state of the art 2048 bit public/private key encryption. Nobody but you has your private key. We delete it off our systems once we email it to you so even if we really really wanted to help you decrypt your recordings we would not be able to. So in short, your recordings are as safe as how you choose to store your key when we email it to you – so keep it safe.

How much data does BuzzBox use?

You will use about 1MB per minute of calling – pretty much the same as WhatsApp voice.

What will need to change on my current VoIP desk phones to connect to Buzzbox?

Buzzbox has simplified the setup of VOIP Phones so it can be done quickly and easily. Each phone needs to know how to contact the phone system (our BuzzBox servers in the cloud), what extension the phone should have, and a password so hackers can’t make calls and charge them to you. We have done our best to simplify the setup of VOIP phones so it can be done quickly and easily. Unfortunately, the process does depend on the exact make and model of your desk phone. Here are the instructions for common phones - Yealink IP Phone, Poly Trio Phone and Poly VVX Phone. If yours is not listed then contact us and we will add it immediately.

Who is Buzzbox?

A group of experienced telecoms execs saw an opportunity to improve the offerings in the telephony market and developed the Buzzbox offering. Buzzbox is brought to market in South Africa through Kathea (exclusively). Please visit us on to find out more.

How many calls can my business make/receive at the same time? Does it matter how many numbers I have?

There is really no limit to how many outbound and inbound calls you can make at the same time - even if you only have one phone number. However, some companies prefer to have multiple numbers in use for personalised or dedicated extensions. E.g. PA's, Services, Sales, etc where these numbers don't ring at reception but directly at the assigned extension. The great thing about BuzzBox is you can register and get started with one number and then add more as your needs evolve. If you don’t need a number any more you can remove it with 1 click in our online portal.

How is Buzzbox supported and how often does Buzzbox break?

The Kathea (Level 1 and 2 support) and the BuzzBox (level 3 support) teams are seasoned techies and here to support you.

What is the call quality like? How can I test it?

The call quality depends on who you are calling and what your network connection is like between you and our servers in South Africa. Unless you are connected to the internet with a cup and string, we bet you will have excellent quality. When you call between your extensions we use the latest high definition voice as we don’t need to cater for the old telecoms networks. You will hear a pin drop! To test our quality please register for free and try us out. No obligations!

Tell me more about the Buzzbox App? What is it used for and do I need it?

Some people like having a traditional desk phone that they know is always there, powered up and good to go. Others are out on the move doing deals, meeting clients and never in one spot for long. We cater for both of you. You can connect your VOIP desk phone to BuzzBox or use our App that gives you the functionality of your desk phone (and more) while being able to carry it in your pocket. Or you can use both – they will both ring when someone calls you and you can answer either. You can register for free and then try the App and see how it works. No upfront costs nor commitments.

What if I have an office number(s) and don't want to change it?

We can help you port your phone numbers over to BuzzBox so no need to update business cards, websites and company stationery!

I have an existing PABX in my office or hosted with someone else - can I migrate to Buzzbox?

Yes! You can port your phone numbers to BuzzBox and never look back. Unfortunately porting requires a bit of documentation to get it done but it is well worth it.

What if I'm not sure if Buzzbox can do what I need?

Register and give us a try. You will get instant access to our configuration portal and can see all the functionality at your disposal. We are adding new functionality every day so even if we don’t have something now, it will likely be added soon. We want to be sure that you get all that a typical business needs but not so much that it confuses you and makes you pull your hair out. You can also contact us with any specific requirements and we will let you know if we support them or can do so in the near future. Our customers determine our roadmap!

Is my business too big or too small for Buzzbox?

BuzzBox is perfect for companies from 1 to 1000 employees. We have solutions for very large call centres but those typically need lots of customisation and fall outside of the goals of what BuzzBox can do for you. So if you are a typical company wanting to have some business lines, voicemail, call recording, transfer calls and make free calls internally then BuzzBox is perfect.

When will I be charged and invoiced?

At the end of each month we will check how many extensions and extra phone numbers you have added and charge your account accordingly. We prorate the charges (days/30 x fee) so its all fair. Your business will get a Buzzbox tax invoice by email each time you buy airtime or pay for your monthly extensions /seats.

Does BuzzBox require specific phones?

No! Our software is based on global standards and we have 2 options for you (more to come – watch this space): 1. You can use pretty much any “VOIP” compatible desk phone. Common manufacturers are Polycom, Yealink, Snom, Bell, Ubiquity, Gigaset, Cisco. If you are not sure if your existing phones will work then contact us and we will check for you. 2. We have an App for Android and Apple smartphones. Install it for free from your app store and our 1 step configuration wizard will have you calling in no time. Our App has no nasty advertising and won’t impact your normal GSM phone calls. It just gives your phone the ability to be connected to your mobile network and BuzzBox at the same time. You can move your extension between different phones and also have it on many phones at the same time (they will all ring and you can choose which one to answer)

Why is there no "Click Here for a Quote" button?

We hate paperwork and manual labour! Our pricing is transparent and simple and our technology allows you to sign up and get going without anyone needing to manually set something up. Just sign up and control your spend. It’s that simple. If you feel that you do need someone to talk then please call us and we can assist or edirect you to a reseller who will hold your hand through the process (and may be able to get you some discount!)

How do I know if my internet connection is good enough for Buzzbox?

Simple. Try us! You can register for free and get enough credit to test a few calls and check the quality. As a thumb suck, we recommend at least a 3G connection with 3 bars or more. A fixed connection is better – if you have at least a 2Mbps ADSL or Fibre link then you can have great calls. If you are going to have lots of staff calling at the same time then you will need 1Mbps per 4 concurrent calls.