Now Happening: The Future of Work

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The pandemic has forever changed how people view the workplace. No longer is it defined by one’s location or bounded by the physical walls of an office. All of us have learned that several tasks and functions can effectively be done remotely. In fact, 74% of businesses around the world intend to shift employees to remote work permanently (Gartner April 2020). But with companies, cities, and governments in various phases of reopening, they are constantly evaluating workplace factors such as safety, security, costs and resources, and impact on productivity. The questions “What is the Future of Work?” and “What will the coming months and years be like?” are big on our minds.

What is becoming more apparent is that a hybrid workplace – one where people are working from home, or the office, or transitioning back and forth, is a model that is gaining leverage and is likely to remain post-pandemic. One of the key technologies that can enable a hybrid work environment is a Cloud PBX or a business phone system, delivered over the cloud.  This allows you to:

Be contactable through existing office phone numbers, even when you’re not at the office.

Pre-pandemic, many of us relied on office directories and traditional PABX systems so that employees could contact peers and customers can connect to the right departments. When cities were placed on lockdown, company landlines were often manned by security guards or receptionists with no ability to connect callers to the right contacts. People had to rely on personal mobile numbers and even social media accounts to communicate with each other.

Reduce operating costs

A cloud PBX has none of the overhead associated with on-premise business phone systems and is easy to manage. Plus even if your employees are scattered across the Philippines or located around the world, you can still connect with them anytime without worrying about long-distance and mobile phone charges.

Enjoy a secure, reliable cloud phone system that ensures data privacy

Buzzbox has security and privacy built into its approach to product design and delivery. Buzzbox has invested heavily to build a culture of security with the right checks and balances in place. Buzzbox delivers a great user experience – one that doesn’t compromise security. Plus, it is supported by twelve dedicated geographically redundant data centers on four continents to make sure your system never goes down.

The future of work is already here, and it need not be daunting: our South African sense of community, the human aspect of business can still thrive in these times, just in a more efficient, and safer way, thanks to cloud technology like Buzzbox.

Article by: GMA News Online