When Phones Meet The Internet, Business Continuity Is Possible

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In business today, technology has made it possible to take our offices with us: in the field, on the road, from location to location and even across the country. Even if employees are dispersed between branch offices or made up of on-the-road crews and remote teams, business carries on without a hitch because of internet-enabled tools that allow us to collaborate no matter where we are.

We’ve seen the trend of remote work rising exponentially — just in the past year alone. As a result, more people are seeking solutions that make it easy to take their office with them — and that includes their work phones.

Keeping employees cohesive and customers, vendors and partners in close contact requires tools that keep your business mobile, efficient and engaged. An effective, efficient and mobile-enabled business phone system is where that starts. For many businesses, a hosted PBX phone system has many benefits. Before we look at the benefits, let’s break down the terms.

PBX is an industry term for private branch exchange, or a private phone network used within a company or organization. Many business phone systems operate on voice over IP technology — meaning voice data, or all communication — is transmitted through the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Hosted, in contrast to fully on-premise phone systems — means your phone system — including equipment, software and maintenance is monitored, maintained and managed by an outside vendor or external service provider.

Hosted systems have made huge strides in recent years as a result of better technology, more intuitive features and faster internet speeds. Many businesses opt for hosted systems because traditional on-site systems can be difficult and expensive to purchase, manage and maintain. Here are five major benefits of hosted phone systems for businesses.

1. Minimal Up-Front Cost

With a hosted phone system, up-front cost is minimal. There’s no major capital investment in equipment or infrastructure because there’s little to be purchased. Most of the hardware associated with the phone system is stored offsite. In addition, the phone system runs off the same connection as your internet service, making the transition to a hosted system seamless and cost-effective

2. Flexibility To Fit Changing Needs

Your business is changing year after year, so having a phone system that scales easily is not only more convenient, but good for the bottom line. You only pay for what you need. You can customize your phones to best suit how you do business. From the administrator side, you have control. With access from the cloud on any device, you can log in to your web portal to adjust calling features and settings as needed.

3. Opportunity To Work Remotely

In the age of the internet, business is no longer confined to just one location. Mobility is a key feature of a hosted PBX solution. An integrated system gives your employees the freedom to do business away from their desks. Users enjoy the flexibility of making calls from their laptop, tablet or smartphone.

4. Business Continuity Is Possible

A temporary shutdown as a result of a power outage or other disaster (such as a fire or flood) doesn’t mean your business has to shut down, too. Hosted PBX ensures uninterrupted service, since your hardware and data are stored off-site. In the event of an outage or loss of access to your physical location, calls can be forwarded to another available device, and even manually routed through the web portal.

5. Managed By Your Service Provider

Hosted PBX leaves hardware maintenance, software updates, troubleshooting, network management with your service provider. Want to add lines or implement features? For a monthly fee, your service provider handles the fixes, while your business gets the features it needs to keep business going. Unlike an on-premise phone system, if you want to add features or your business changes location, there aren’t additional charges. And if you need service or support, it’s available any time by contacting your provider. With consumer demands and business environments changing, you want to make sure your phones can keep up. A hosted PBX system offers the functionality, features and flexibility a business often needs to be successful. What’s more, hosted systems are constantly upgrading with expanded features, leaving the business without additional capital spending increases or a higher monthly bill.

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Article by: Loren Urbach